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How does Mintos Community work?



  • Dennis

    *Investors who have recently reached out to Mintos Investor Service or are part of our crowdfunding investors group from the recent crowdfunding round, please, click Get Password after clicking the Sign Up button and follow the process. It is required due to Mintos registering each Mintos investor reaching out to us in a GDPR compliant way, hence we already have your details, yet need you to verify your identity by confirming your password. 


    This does not seems to work for me... tried every step, looks like i signed up now as a regular member. How do i get acces to the restricted part (investors forum)?

  • Luis

    How can i change my Profil Picture?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Dennis! In our communication about the Community launch, we mentioned that investors who have a different email address for Crowdcube and different email address for Community need to separately approach us as access is enabled to those email addresses which are in the Crowdcube`s data base. That was your case. I already enabled you access and you should be able to access this section now. 

  • Tarmo

    Hi! There is awful lot of empty space on a community front page. Maybe you could consider making the page more compact and easier to grasp without scrolling. Thanks!

  • Permanently deleted user
    Good karma

    Hi Tarmo Yes - it does require one scroll to see all topics, yet we like the "lightness" of it thanks to all topics not being cramped up.  We also looked that the majority of community spaces behaviors show that people first tend to look for something specific, so the search functionality always prevails and is on top. But we also understand that this might be subjective based on each individual preferences - like yours, thank you for your feedback.

  • Jeremy Chislett

    Hi Vitalijs

    Please could you allow me access to the investor section, 

    Many thanks

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hi Jeremy Chislett, please send us an email with this request to so we can identify you and help you.


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