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Is there a limit to extending the "Remaining Period" of a Note?
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Fractional Bonds FAQ
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Can't access any strategy other than manual
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Yield / Interest rate calculation
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Purchase on secondary market not added to portfolio / missing money and overall balance reduced!!!!
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Stuck in completely unstructured KYC/AML process / IP country detection seems to be outdated
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What is your current strategy?
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Verificacion failed
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[STRATEGIE] Mintos Notes Diversification - Short term oriented
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Closing original bank account
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Withdrawing money is impossible
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Taxation in Spain
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Loan rebought - What is it?
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Taxation in Czech Republic
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Diversification Score
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Amount in recovery
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Taxation in Germany - 5% Lettische Quellensteuer
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How do you get mintos to respond?
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Taxation in Germany
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Interest payment for loans/payments in recovery
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Pending payments of Creditstar, Id Finance and IDF Eurasia
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Very slow service from Mintos to resolve a technical issue
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How does Creditstar credit lines work and what does it got to do with pending payments?
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account blocked for supposedly being verified ...thats for over a month?!?!?
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Cash out not working?
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Proof of Residence
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Credistar and IDF pending payments increasing even though agreement was made
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How is it possible to decrease the net annual yield when interest rates increase
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¿Por qué ha pasado el crédito LVX00000VR53 de un Periodo restante de 16 días a 6 meses y 5 días?
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