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Apple Watch App
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[Feature] Combined auto invest strategy for primary and secondary markets
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[Feature] Group level diversification
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Set minimum interest rate for each company in the diversification settings of customized strategies
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Finko AM recovery
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Exchange all button for currency exchange
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Feature - YTM visualization prior to selling loan on secondary market
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Plant duration
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Pending payments overview on individual level
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[Mobile app Feature] Push notification when funds are available
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[Feature] More detailed stats
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Why do finished investments with the same parameters have different "Received Payments" results?
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{Feature] Ability to filter lending companies on strategy creation based on "Interest income on delayed payments"
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[Feature] Ability to copy a custom strategy
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[Feature] Diversification score
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[Feature] Add Minimum Investment in one Loan parameter to Mintos Strategies
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[Feature] Set custom diversification for all companies in custom strategy
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Bug - NEW Custom strategy from Primary market requires diversification
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Scheduled Payouts (fixed & relative)
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[feature] Diversification settings shared for all custom strategies
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Auto-invest settings with gender and a range of age
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Standing order for withdrawals
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Bug - Secondary market on MOBILE missing menu Item
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[feature/idea] Ethics score for Loan Originators
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[Feature] Max Effective APR charged to borrowers setting for custom strategies
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[Feature Request] LO groups that are usable across multiple custom strategies
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Make order of payments transparent for funds in recovery
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Custom Automated Strategy should prefer loans with the highest interest rate
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Feature requests
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Bugs & Fixes
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