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Tickets closure without any reply from Mintos


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  • Anna (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Hello MP,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Note that your tickets have not been closed without an answer, but merged together, in order to keep the whole conversation in one place. At the same time, our agent is providing you with regular updates and answering all your doubts.

    This is true that your case takes some time already but it is because we make each check carefully, following all regulatory requirements. As mentioned, we are doing our best to make this process as smooth and quick as possible. We will keep informing you about all developments.

    Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

  • MP

    Hello Anna,
    Thanks for your explanation. However I cannot see any sign that my tickets were merged. All have the same status Closed and there's no info about merge itself. IfnI received info about merge I would not file a ticket. Maybe this is causing a misunderstaning?

  • Anna (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Hello MP,

    You are right, this is what might cause confusion. We will look for a way how to communicate it better when the ticket is not closed but merged.

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience!


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