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[Feature] Combined auto invest strategy for primary and secondary markets


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  • Angus

    hi Valentrin,

    I know where you are coming from many is the time I have one window open with Primary market and another with Secondary market. i compre the two and then invest according where the higher rate is....

    Well, that is what I did until I invested in Mintos., 

    Since I invested via the crowdfunding I have tried to invest as much as possible via the secondary market and not the primary. 


    Mintos makes its 0,85% for every secondary market purchase I make. And that is pure money in the pocket for mintos (and me as a shareholder). 

    If the LO is the same I will always take secondary over primary to give mintos the commmision / fee...

    My daily uninvested is between 500€ and 1K€ so I think the commissions are good for Mintos ...and for me (ñonger term) :-)


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