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  • Nico Thomas Schreiner


    Are you going to publish the results / your thesis anywhere? I'm interested in seeing the results.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Good karma

    Hi Alexei Marcenco great to see you have chosen crowdlending as your thesis subject! We'd also like to take the survey and know how do you plan to use the information you find, similarly to Nico Thomas Schreiner above. 

  • Alexei Marcenco


    I don't know yet about publishing, depends, on the value, I will manage to collect and produce.

    I can share it with interested people no problem, or I accept also any support in my research.

    So far I have interesting results from Europe, but I still hope to get some responses from other continents. About the way I plan to process the information received, I will decide soon, I can be general statistical results or some more complicated correlations.

    I try to study the success factors of the crowdlending platforms worldwide from the investors' perspective. But for the moment it looks just European, it will be cool if Mintos Team can help me at least with some of CIS investors feedback :)

    In case u are interested in, you can contact me directly here amarcenco.fin@gmail.com.





    Done Alexei Marcenco. Success!!

    And I agree with Nico Thomas Schreiner, it'd be nice to see the results, regardless of how they look.

  • Angus

    Very interesting Alexi!

    Just taken the survey, very comprehensive. One question that might of been of interest to add to the list:

    Do you see Crowdlending becoming a fixed part of financing:

    Never, Not sure, Yes, but in 10 years, 5 years etc...

    As previously stated, would be great to see the results... Maybe Mintos could contact you to help publish them on the platform as part of your work????

    Wishing you success with the thesis!

  • Daniela

    Done - Good luck with your thesis and I'd also love to see the results!


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