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What is your current strategy?


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  • Vincent Merlino

    My strategy is to cash out everything that I have on this website regarding the lack of transparency... I can only advice people to do the same as fast as they can... 

  • Bastian Glasser

    What is your concern exactly? Back in the day, there was no information at all. Now, they provide more and more information.

  • Nicolas Mayer

    My strategy : avoid short term loan, they are late, and return aren't enough 
    lender ask for 300% apr and we got annualized  ~14 : Not worth the risk

    I take mostly high quality lender (7+, or very high portefolio performance : +8) and high yield 13+% 

    Diversification is among the best lender of the plateform (poor)

    Min 6 months, max 40 months automated on the secondary market. I don't buy Notes with 20%+ late or i take 2nd strategy with discount ~0.5% minimal. Theses discount can boost the return. 


    The lack of transparency is real but they improve step by step, i saw that they added recently some financials information about lender which is notable to trust the lender and their capacity to follow their engagement. 


  • Bastian Glasser

    Nicolas Mayer sounds interesting. Maybe I also give this a try. At the moment I switched the free money to the autoinvest from mintos, because I don't have to focus on it all the time. 


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