AML, KYC, SMS 2FA, GDPR and other important steps we invite our investors to know to be able to continue to invest on Mintos. Here we will be answering your questions and you can see your fellow investors discussions on any matter of your interest.

What happens now to Claims?
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Tax declaration for US citizens
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Comments from Mintos about the Claims Secondary Market and it's future
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Why regulated?
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Tarjeta de crédito Mintos
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Mintos to become a regulated marketplace
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Notes in other currencies
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countries without double-tax treaty with Latvia
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Notes on Mintos
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Mintos Notes base prospectuses
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Investor protection in a regulated environment
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Notes on Secondary Market and Interest
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Notes FAQ
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Mintos has received investment firm and electronic money institution licences!
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Legal structure of new Notes?
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Suitability and Appropriateness test
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Tax withholding for investments in Notes - Q&A
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