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Error when buying on secondary market
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Possibility to edit own strategy in mobile app
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Feature request: Graphic of interest received by time unit (day, week, month)
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Fehlerhafter Steuerbericht
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Error when setting up new Strategy
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How can I see if a set of notes is direct or indirect structure type?
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[feature] automated strategy: add days to remaining term
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Return section not showing data
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Payment overview
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Portfolio - lack of overview & fixes
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Automated strategies - "see investments" limited functionality
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Automated strategies - stop diversification reset & actual portfolio per LO
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Automated strategies - select 0% loan exposure
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Enorme disfonctionnement : Disparition d'un investissement
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Tickets closure without any reply from Mintos
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Support delay is unacceptable
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Rendement Net Annualisé (NAR)
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Proposal to Mintos about Pendings
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Secondary Market Issues
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Possibility to export notes available loan list
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Can't delete conservative strategy
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Cant finalize investments
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chat is not working
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tiny UX improvement: "available" tooltip clickbox is too big
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