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Cansado de MINTOS / Tired of MINTOS


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  • Fjvera

    In your last report, dated August 12, 2022, you inform that ID FINANCE (Mexico and Spain) has made the following payment: "ID Finance transferred €1.2 million this week. Pending payments have not increased further"

    Where is the money for that payment? It has not been used to pay the amounts that MINTOS have in PENDING PAYMENTS

    Is it being used to pay off current outstanding loans instead of paying investors with outstanding loans?

  • Fjvera

    In the last report, dated August 26 2022, MINTOS has decided not to inform investors of the amounts paid by ID Finance in the last week. For MINTOS it is enough to put the phrase "ID FINANCE has covered pending payments due this week"

    Is it no longer necessary to inform investors of the amounts paid by ID Finance in the last week?

    And... Is ID Finance not going to return the money of the pending payments that were previously due before this week?

    Clearly, the new ones are being paid while the old ones remain in pending payments.

  • Pilar

    Desde febrero-marzo llevo yo con la misma cantidad pendientes de ID Finance y no ha bajado ni un céntimo. Dónde se está destinando el dinero que supuestamente está transfiriendo ésta entidad?

  • Mint_Swindled

    Time to take action, and stop being scammed. Let's organize ourselves.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Fjvera, ID Finance stays committed to making weekly transfers in at least the same amount as repayments due to our investors. This way their pending payments should not increase further which is a current goal. Given the logic of pending payments, it is possible that they stay on the same level for some time, although the lending company makes regular transfers.

    When it comes to the repayment distribution, received funds are used to cover pending payments of the specific company, from oldest to newest.


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