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Dozarplaty risk score


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  • anonymous

    Hello Agnes, I suppose BOTH ARE CORRECT. DoZarplati issues its loans using different legal entities. The mintos risk score is provided for each legal entity separately. As far as I know DoZarplati had two different legal entities in the past: LLC DZP-Center and LLC MFC "Sojuz-5"

    Recently DoZarplati announced that they were making changes to their legal structure and that they will continue in the future only with their firm LLC MFC "Sojuz-5" and shut down LLC DZP-Center ( Hence, Mintos withdrew the rating score for the legal entity LLC DZP-Center with their latest risk score update ( You can also see the different risk scores in the lending companies section of DoZarplati on Mintos' website (

    Regarding your loan no. 37064048-02, I assume that it was issued by LLC DZP-Center. Hence, you cannot see a risk score anymore. However, any new DoZarplati loans on the primary market are issued by LLC MFC "Sojuz-5" and this DoZarplati entity still has its valid risk score. 

    I hope this clarifies your question :)
    In case my assumption is wrong and your late DoZarplati loan was indeed issued by LLC MFC "Sojuz-5", it will probably be a good idea to contact customer support directly.

  • Saarbrigger

    Hallo anonymous, it seems to me as the DoZarplati risk score is always "SW". As soon as you open the single loan the risk score shown on the Primary Market switches from "7" towards "SW" for each single loan you check. Just try... Mintos should correct this failure asap.

  • anonymous

    Your right, I wasn't aware of that problem. It appears with the correct score on the primary market and in your portfolio overview, but when opening the details about an individual loan the risk scores changes to the false "SW". 


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