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Legal proceedings brought by Mintos have recovered investors’ funds from Aforti in full


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    Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Hello Tobias Maritz

    Due to the sheer amount of repayments volume, we were experiencing a slight delay in processing it to all investors, therefore some amounts were still pending. However, it is solved now, and you should receive the repayment in full by the end of today.

  • Folkert

    Well done team!

  • Japke

    Excellent news!

    Also superb that the legal costs in this case are covered by Mintos!

    Our on-ground legal support costs in Poland were covered by Mintos, and not deducted from these recovered amounts.

  • Tobias Maritz

    Great work Mintos! Keep up the momentum also with other defaulted lending companies.

    Have the Aforti proceedings already been distributed to investors? I am asking as ~95% of Aforti recoveries in my case are covered but there are still about 5% outstanding.

  • Tobias Maritz

    Thanks a lot Lucja! I received the repayment in full by now :-)


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