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Why do finished investments with the same parameters have different "Received Payments" results?


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  • Jan Kohout

  • Japke

    I've looked at only the first two loans in Andrews screenshot, I would say this is due to the difference in repayments. You have invested 100 euro in both loans on the same day. However with the first one the borrower repaid 19.84 euro on 27.03.2021 and with the second one the borrower repaid 20.55 euro on 31.03.2021. Which in turn caused the amount of outstanding principal to differ from those moments, and the same interest percentage on a different amount of outstanding principal causes those small differences.

    And to comment on the screenshot of Jan, I would say that those are rounding offs in the portal. As both loans lasted only a few days before finishing there is very little difference even though the interest rates differ. You can check on your account statement the .csv or .xlsx files for values that are not rounded of on 2 decimal digits.

  • I downloaded and found that rounding is 2 digits. Therefore, I'm wandering who gets the difference ?

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hi Dominique Louis Kirsner, Please note that all the amounts are with 16 digits after comma, on the platform they are rounded for a better overview. If you click on the account statement on the amounts you will see full amounts with 16 digits after the comma.

  • Thanks. But if I download the portfolio, then it is rounded with 2 digits.


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