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Pending payments overview on individual level


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  • Joshua

    For the funds in recovery i would like to have an overview how much is principal and how much is interest. Also a chart to see how these figures have changed over time. Similar to the one we got for the pending payments but with monthly intervals not daily.

  • marius ciobanu

    Buna, doresc să știu de ce nu sunt acceptat in Mintos, eu din câte știu IFN și instituțiile nebancare au colectat bani ,din taxe neplătite și fonduri europene accesate pe PF și au ajuns în Mintos .

  • Scotty P

    I wrote here but my post never got published - so once again. Yes my own individual pending payments that should be split into interest and principal. That's the only way to calculate the real outstanding principal on the overview page

  • Fabian

    Scotty P I definitely support this request. In fact, I think it's crucial that we see what part of the pending payments is repayments/amortizations and what part are pending interests. Thanks a lot

  • Cole Green

    What is the status on this feature? I would like to have this functionality unlocked. Knowing the breakdown of the pending payments will prove very helpful for me and my investors.

    @... is this on your pipeline? If yes, what's the timeline? When can I count on having this feature available?

  • Richy

    I cannot see a reason why this isn't implemented already. I think this should be a given, knowing the principal repayments and interest payment for future payments is critical to calculating future incomes!

    I see I am not the only one requesting this feature. When will this be implemented, @... Mintos Marketing? Scotty P Have you received any feedback from @... privately? 

  • Scotty P

    Richy no, unfortunately no feedback.

    @... what's your feedback on this?


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