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Scheduled Payouts (fixed & relative)


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  • Timon Joel Reinders

    i dont think instant payout is necessary when you just set an amount that schould not be reinvested

  • Daneel

    I never said that payouts should be instant. What I meant was that the "split" of what is to be payed out and what is to be reinvested should happen directly when that interest is earned. Otherwise all interest would simply wait in your wallet until the month is over. Only then would 25% be payed out and the 75% reinvested. If you split it right away, the 75% can be reinvested instantly. 

  • Y

    Could be a useful feature. But I think we should wait the other products that are coming (ETF etc.) to implement something like this platform wide.

  • Christopher Praetzas

    I would definitely use this feature and it would also be unique for Mintos as P2P Market place.


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