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  • Mintos
    Good karma

    Hi David Polach could it be that you haven't checked the Funds in recovery page for the last couple of months? It is available from your Mintos profile and we update it on the first week of each month. The tax audit was done in February this year and Mintos has recovered EUR 2.3 million which have been transferred to investors on Mintos. According to the liquidator, The further repayment plan is for a monthly amount of approximately EUR 250 000. This amount matches with the monthly portfolio collection volume at Monego. We will update investors as soon as we have information for the next repayments.

  • Christian

    Hi Mintos, can you comment on the additional ~800k that were paid to investors a couple of week ago after the 2.3M have been paid out? Were these one time only, or part of the 250k per month?


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