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Attracting new loan originators


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  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Hi Johan van der Lingen

    Thank you for your congratulations! We appreciate your support. Regarding the recent changes in loan originators, we understand your concerns. Rest assured, we are actively working on onboarding new lending companies to Mintos. In fact, in the upcoming few months, we expect to launch partnerships with several new loan originators. This should contribute to a more diverse range of opportunities for our investors and help address the recent adjustments in interest rates. We appreciate your patience and continued trust in Mintos.

  • Johan van der Lingen

    Thank you for your answer Lucja, that sounds promising!
    I joined Mintos a year ago and it has greatly been to my satisfaction.
    Looking forward to the new developments in 2024, keep up the great work!

  • Cyril F

    Sharing the same concerns as Johan van der Lingen.
    In fact a bit surprised that mintos launch Bonds of Eleving and Delphin not to name it. That serve to remove some loans from mintos
    Hope in the futur we will be more informed.

    Sounds Greats if new loans originator are coming.

    Yes here for several years too, investor in mintos itself via crowdcude really enjoy this platform.
    We also know that the number of loans depends of the priod of the years so it will come back normally

    Can't wait for 2024!


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