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Easier community acess


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  • Ondrej Bobek

    I think the administrators have the opposite opinion, here are primarily addressed complaints against Mintos.

    Some posts wait weeks for approval, some are censored and not approved at all.

  • Cyril F

    Still no answer...

    The community is even more difficult to acess...

    More user and less contribution things don't add up... A bit disapointing on this aspect

  • Danielsc

    Some years ago, people could comment directly under each Mintos blog post. Apparently Mintos didn't like seeing complaints there, so they removed the comments section. It's a shame, because the comment section offers a way to give another perspective to the official always-positive information. Most were off-topic, so creating a forum also made sense.

    Then they created this community. They had a link from the top bar. I think later the link was classified under 'Help' (Help -> Community), if that makes sense (community, just for help?).

    They recently removed the link from the top bar. That's bad. It's harder to find. As Cyril F said: so many users, but so few users know this forum. Maybe Mintos wants to send an e-mail reminding people that they can participate in this community. Or add badges or challenges or surveys or something dynamic. Or ask people if they know it.

    In addition I had problems logging in (something about cookies, and then Cloudflare blocking me because I block ads/fingerprinting). Having a shared log-in could help.

    Mintos can learn from this forum. Like for instance, when people repeatedly complain about updates being insufficient, that's a sign meaning Mintos can improve the next updates so that they have more information.

    Mintos prefers having only happy stories like and others at . They're probably real, but they're so hand-picked and edited by Mintos that they are pure marketing talk. Meanwhile, this community is probably seen as a 'help center' where people come to complain. Here's a crazy idea: mix both: have some of the 'happy users' post their stories in this community (and answer comments from real users), and do a blog post about a not-so-happy investor story (people with overdue money, court cases, bad debt etc.).


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