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Claims are delisted from primary market


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    Community manager

    Dear Robert,

    This is happening due to loans' unlisting rather than repurchasing, because of the transition of the lending company's offering on the platform to the Notes offering. We will work to improve this process on the go, and currently, we are working to provide a proper notification where needed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Thank you for noticing.

    Regarding, Secondary market, if you click on the loan you are no longer investing in the Secondary Market -  you have to access the loan itself and the investment within would be via Primary Market. So it is normal that invest button is not there (below the chart) anymore - this LC no longer offers claims in the Primary Market as it is moving to Notes.

    In the image in the invest breakdown section, there is an invest button, as the loan has been listed for sale by the owner (Mintos investor) in the Secondary Market. 

    We hope this clarifies the question. 


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