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Purchase on secondary market not added to portfolio / missing money and overall balance reduced!!!!


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  • Bruno

    Yes, Mintos stole my money too. They hide it under "Overdue" section, but it's actually stolen.

  • Flo

    I got money in the overdue section as well, but in this case they simply removed the money from my balance without adding the shares to my portfolio.

  • Nicolas Mayer

    Have you something to prove that your overall balance has been reduced ?

    Like you paid a big premium and you lose immedialty this amount in your balance

  • Flo

    Nicolas Mayer: yes I got prove, but I will not share screenshots of my account balance here in public.

    I mainly wrote this post in case somebody else is affected by this as well, because it feels really frustrating when you see your money vanish after investing. 

    So this is the current status:

    In the meantime the overall balance has been corrected but there is still a problem in the portfolio

    Mintos support confirmed today in the support ticket I opened that there is a problem and they are working on it:

    "Thank you for reaching out to us.
    We acknowledge that there is a known issue with your portfolio not displaying the aggregated value of your second investment in the same set of Notes. Rest assured, our team is actively working on resolving this issue.
    Our system shows that both of your investments have been successful, and the error lies solely in the portfolio display. I have informed our engineering team about your case and requested to be updated as soon as a fix is deployed."

  • Flo

    Today it happend again. My overall balance was fixed a couple of days after reporting this for the first time but it seems they only fixed my problem but not the underlying bug. Like last time it happend when I bought a loan on the secondary market in which I already had a stake in.

    This is really frustrating!

  • Japke

    You mentioned the reply of Mintos that contains "your second investment in the same set of Notes". At the introduction of Notes it was not possible to place additional investment in a Note that you already invested in before. It now indeed looks to be possible that you can invest in the same Note (previously this was blocked), maybe the underlying code still needs to be updated in other parts of the system to correctly display the additional investments in the same Note.


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