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[STRATEGIE] Mintos Notes Diversification - Short term oriented


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  • Nicolas Mayer

    (No english speaker here)

    Hi fabien,

    I am not an expert on P2P loan and this kind of plateform but in my opinion:

    1st goal is liquidity, even with 60 days late on repayment, you can have a little return and your funds are more easily and faster recoverable.  

    2nd goal is diminishing the risk. The longer the loan the longer you support the risk inherent of the plateform and the lender.

    3rd goal: you can have access to the campaign more easily without putting fresh money from else where 

    I tried to test this kind of loan but i didn't do the maths properly for the return and my total amount invested is too little to maximazise the performance (50E to invest in primary market) if you need to wait 4-5-10 days to have the funds and buy a set of notes to continue investing you lose many points of performance annualy.

    As you saw many times the short term are subject to late payment and many problem due to the borrower, the risk is higher that there is delay. 

    It would be nice to have someone who can give the real return on this kind of strategy with 5k+. That would imo have little to 0 drag down. 

    Best regards,


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