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Eleving Group - Albania


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  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Vincent Merlino

    Thank you for your questions.

    The lending company has made all the payments on time, however, they got stuck due to AML/compliance procedures of the banks. Yesterday investors already received the funds and there shouldn't be any overdue payments left from the Eleving Group.

  • Cyril F

    Please communicate !

    We are forced to ask every time for every lending company having problem. Just keep us inform when something is anormal.
    If we can spot that somethign goes wrong I am sure you remark it before us

  • Vincent Merlino

    And now again the same problem for Macedonia.

    Can u tell us what is happening is Eleving a new ID Finance ? 

  • Jevgenij Jegorov

    Vincent Merlino

    Relax, bro, yesterday they already paid: Macedonia, DanaRupiah and today also part of Zenka. So, don't worry, be happy ;-)


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