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Feature Request : Trigger automatic withdrawal when account balance hit specific amount


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  • Cyril F

    Lucja (Mintos)

    Still no answer on this !

  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Cyril F

    My apologies for the delay in replying. Your feedback has been shared with responsible colleagues. Currently, there are no plans for implementing such possibility, however if we notice the higher demand for a specific topic, we consider all the investor's feedback and their implementation.

  • Bram

    I would be interested in a feature like this as well.
    For example; when balance hits €10.100, withdraw €100.

    Or when having €20.000 invested, automatically withdraw a part of the profit (say, €100) to my bank account automatically each month.

    Even if this would cost me €1 for each transaction, this would be worth it for me not having to manually check and withdraw each month.

  • Cyril F

    If it cost me 1€ i wouldn't do it...

    In my case I withdraw money everyday ! I prefer withdraw a small amount everyday instead of make a huge withdraw at end of the month

    Because with this technic i can inves continuously instead of let money sleep for a month in my account

  • Bram

    Thats a lot of manual effort, i guess im more of a passive investor using Mintos, i love the automated features & investing the most.

    More withdrawals does mean more transactional fee's for Mintos when making payments back to investors, so there is something to be said about preferring less payouts and using higher amounts.

    I guess Mintos can think about implementing both options, im just supporting the idea here for automatic payouts when reaching certain thresholds.


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