Lending companies on Mintos and their latest updates, as well news on investors funds in recovery and possible pending payments reports.

Mintos should re-evaluate CAPITAL SERVICE recovery plan
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Delfin 2024 plan
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Legal proceedings brought by Mintos have recovered investors’ funds from Aforti in full
4 votes 5 comments
Irregularities in pending payment update report
2 votes 4 comments
Pending payments update
-9 votes 11 comments
Mintos Risk Score update for Q1 2021
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2 votes 1 comment
Eleving/Mogo, Pending Payments
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What's the current situation with Akulak?
2 votes 8 comments
Aforti funds in recovery
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Lending companies financial reports for 2020
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Upcoming AMA of Funds in Recovery on Tuesday, 11 May
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A question by investor from the last AMA on Funds in recovery
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All lending companies on Mintos
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Defaulted lending company principal/interest data structure
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Funds in recovery update
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What is the current situation with Finko AM? Do not see new payments
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