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Secondary Market Issues



  • Robert

    More bugs:

    7. The "Remove All from Sale" button in the Portfolio went missing. Please bring it back.

    8. The "Sell All" button in the Portfolio is present but not working. When I click on it nothing happens. Please fix.

  • Robert

    9. In Portfolio it is no longer possible to see from hovering at which Discount/Premium a Note is offered for sale. Please bring it back.

    10. The Account Statement is flooded with transactions for individual loans. Selling a single Note with a Discount creates at least 30 entries: " Investment share buyer pays to a seller", " Secondary market fee" and "Discount/premium for secondary market transaction" for each of the at least 10 individual loans. What a mess. These transactions should be documented at the Note level.

  • Robert

    11. I couldn't confirm it yet with my own portfolio, but there is a report from another user that investing in a Note with a custom automated strategy now blocks you from buying more of the same Note manually (see screenshot). This looks to me like another arbitrary and unannounced restriction to the detriment of investors. This is on top that the other way around custom automated strategies do not invest either in any loan you already hold a part of (be it from automated or manual investment) for months now, which is also a highly questionable restriction.

  • DW

    quick solution: stop bothering with mintos

  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Dear Robert,

    thank you very much for reporting these issues!

    We are already working on fixing some of them!


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