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Notes on Mintos



  • Official comment
    Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear Investors, we just published the Q&A Article. You can find it here:
    Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • emay

    As investors we decided to buy loans on the assumption that under normal circumstances we could get out by selling them on the secondary market. Now Mintos is changing the rules of the game by effectively locking the majority of the investments. The ability of selling old investments on the market should be extrended to at least a couple of year. Two months only is completely unreasonable and feels like a scam.

  • Jose Manuel Santiago Muniesa

    I totally agree with emay. Locking down the secondary market is a mouse trap. There should be a way to recover the investments in the long term.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear emay and Jose Manuel Santiago Muniesa,

    The future status of the Secondary Market was not clearly defined at the moment when we received the investment firm license. In the time that followed, this topic was introduced to the conversations in which we negotiated the remaining details about the future setup of Mintos with the regulator. One of the challenges was to find a solution for the Secondary Market for investments in claims once Notes are launched. The launch was supposed to happen as soon as all conditions for operating in a regulated environment are fulfilled. At that time, we did not know the precise date when everything needed would be ready for the launch of Notes. Eventually, the regulator delivered a non-negotiable request for the termination of the Secondary Market for investments in claims. This was not the decision of Mintos. What we did manage to negotiate is to keep the Secondary Market open until the Notes are launched, we were allowed the transition period that we’re will be in until 30 June, and to keep the cashout available for investments with Mintos strategies. This functionality will continue operating on Mintos for investments in claims without limitations. More than having the mentioned functionality allowed was not possible and unfortunately, there is no way how we can further impact the decision about keeping the Secondary Market for claims open longer than 30 June. 

    We have announced the closure of the Secondary Market as soon as we knew the final date of the Notes launch and the duration of the remaining transition window. We remind you that by regulatory requirements, we were first instructed to close the Secondary Market much earlier, and we see it as an achievement that we actually managed to keep it open for months after becoming licensed, thanks to the understanding from the regulator’s side. Please, note that the Secondary Market for investments in claims will be open for a few more weeks, until 30 June 2022.

  • emay

    I understand the difficulty but why not to bulk convert old claims into notes for those desiring to do so? At least for the lenders which are still present in the market? This would allow a functioning secondary market for the the vast majority of the loans.

  • Joshua

    I am also disappointed by this. I did not expect the secondary market to close on such a short notice. A big part of my invested money is gonna be locked for years now.

  • Jan Wilhelm Bütefür

    Dear Mintos,

    can you please comment on this: 

    As far as I can see, all Notes that have been listed so far all have "Interest on late payments - No", even though the LOs (according to the "details" segment on the lending companies page) are supposed to do.

    Does that mean that: 

    a.) notes itselves don't pay any late interests, but the underlying loans still do?

    b.) Neither the note, nor the underlying loans will pay any interest on late payments, so that for example a note with an average current rate (over the full term period) of 80%, will basically end up with an interest drag of -20%? I'm not talking about interest on pending payments btw! 

    Thank you in advance! 

  • emay

    What should prevent mintos from changing the cands on the table again and close the secondary market for notes as well. How can keep investing if rules are changing all the time? Also I understand that the secondary market for claims is in practice still active for those who used non-custom strategies. Why are there special rules for these compared to the rest? If the regulator asked to shut down the secondary market I would have expected this to apply to all claims. This does not make any sense it really appears like Mintos wants to lock the investors in, at a time where many are trying to leave the platform.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear emay,

    Mintos Strategies are a predefined product for which cash-outs are part of the functionality, therefore it was allowed by the FCMC to leave this functionality.

    Please read our full explanation here: 


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