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Wowwo operations still normal?



  • name

    They won't answer and clearly do not care at all. This is going on for too long and they most likely have completely fucked up.
    Don't expect nothing from Mintos - just leave the platform..

  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    waiting_game name  Please note that the lending company is not informing us about their current situation, especially taking into account that Mintos is using all legal measures to recover funds from Wowwo. All investors affected by Wowwo will receive information about our next steps. Please note that we cannot share many things publicly as Wowwo could be informed about planned steps in advance, which could accordingly jeopardize our recovery possibilities.

  • Danielsc

    I think Mintos doesn't want to speculate about what's going on. Probably they can't.

    But we can. waiting_game Thanks for finding that out. I just checked and there are just 8 cars. How many there were before?

    There's the risk that Wowwo declares itself bankrupt and transfers its assets to another company, to avoid having to pay them back even if they lose the case. I hope lawyers are prepared for that.


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