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Revo Technology - Case is closed - Permanent loss of capital



  • Ilya Shpuntou

    The investor is nobody.

    Mintos got its money back and is not going to explain anything to anyone.

    You don't like it, change the platform.

  • Gerrit Hendrik Wulff

    Mintos today published an update in response to the many questions they had about this. Apparently at the current exchange rate and transfer limit it would have taken 11.5 years to return the money. If we had been given a choice, some people would have taken the money, if for instance half the people took the 35% haircut, then for the rest of us it would take half the time. And before then the war is probably over. I would probably have been willing to take the risk. Anyway, there are more 'Revo's in the pipeline and I noticed that my Overdues in Russia are now all expected to return 50-75%. I hope we can get more community engagement next time before the case gets closed.


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