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Creditstar missing 3.4M payment



  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Hi name

    Thank you for your comment. We received 1M and expect the 2.4M to come in this week.

  • name

    Thanks for confirming that they are according to your very own definition in default.

    I doubt the 1M - your report does not support it, my balance also still does not.

    When can we expect mintos to default creditstar? When do we see consequences?

  • name

    Still no change in pending amounts. This is once again ridiculous - stop lying to us.
    The new overdue dashboard is nice, but please also publish the pending payments reports as they used to be - or sth similar. Having removed this data for us increases intransparency significantly. I can only guess that you are doing this on very purpose.
    When will you take our concerns seriously?

  • Japke

    name it is quite difficult to find (and took me some time), but the old style reports are located at the bottom of the page 

    Look for:

    • Ongoing cases report 2023
    • Recovered and charged off amounts February 2023

    I would expect to see the March file to be available this or next week (bit depending on the Easter availability).

  • name

    Japke absolutely wrong: recoveries are a different report to pending and restructured payments.

    Mintos has now removed the opportunity for us to keep track of the restructured payments - and therefore hiding specifically the non-obligation to the agreement of eg creditstar. ID Finance already changed the agreement once again...

    It is a scandal how lightly mintos shifts our money from a to b and accepts any behavior of the LOs - they apparently can simply do what they want without consequences (cf wowwo). Furthermore, we are being lied to over and over again (eg mintos wanted us to believe ID Finance had only technical issues last year - apparently this was not the case).

    mintos (mis)conduct is a serious issue and highly problematic as often shouted out within this forum. AND must change.

  • Bruno

    Mintos stopped those weekly updates with no prior notice. It is ridiculous, considering all the feedback here regarding transparency/communication.

    The best you get now is an update on the Overdue page (Temporary and Ongoing cases). For the temporary ones the last update is from March 17, while for the Ongoing it's March 6.

    Well done Mintos!! 


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