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Not very clear how it works with "Expected maturity date" changing tha much



  • Folkert

    On the page you link to it gives you the answer: "The total number of possible extension days is 180." So not 1140.

  • AN

    Let's read it carefully: "The reflected maximum number of extension periods is 6, and the usual amount of days per extension period is 31. The total number of possible extension days is 180."
    So - Maximum extension periods = 6 -> Clear

    USUSAL amount of days PER EXTENSION PERIOD is 31

    NUMBER OF POSSIBLE EXTENSION DAYS is 180 - it does not say it is per extension. Yes, there is word in the sentence "total", but it is still not explicitly say - Total per extension or total for all extensions per loan.

    Getting back to the example of the load I invested in - it seems it was just one extension for 180 days, not multiple ones. So in a way, the question is if we could expect another extension?

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear AN, please read more about extensions here . The total number overall of possible extensions days is 180.


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