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ID Finance Mexico



  • Pi

    Did not receive any payment during the last two months.i
    Obviously the LO has no funds to cover obligations, and uses any money that can get ( including private financing ) to give more credits .

    so , we are slowly going into default . What I continue to wonder is why all these lies 




  • DW


    Haha yeah, that name would probably work with Mintos themselves. But I hope investors here learned their lesson the last couple of months...


    Annija (Mintos) you continue to give us bullshit information. 
    I don't care about your procedure that you don't even respect. 
    What I want is the truth. Is ID Finance on default ? 
    In case they aren't what is the schedule (with real date not end july for example 21/07) ?



  • Bruno Ribeiro

    The good thing is that we can use all these lies against Mintos in court.

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    New update!!!!  

    Anything really new? A date? A plan? Nothing. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!

    Pending payments from ID Finance Mexico have now reached 80% of "Total current outstanding
     investments + total in pending payments". There's no other company above 40%, and this is what we get from Mintos:

    We've received the first draft of a plan with a timeline on
    repayment for all the pending payments and are now
    discussing the details. We will share more on the plan once it
    has been agreed with the lending company

  • MMM

    MINTOS on March 6:
    "ID Finance Mexico's pending payments have appeared due to an IT system error that caused an unexpected buyback. Last week, €500,000 was already covered and the remaining amount will be covered till Tuesday, 8 March"

    @Annija (Mintos) , Has the IT problem been solved? after five months can we dispose of our money? Or has the war also come to Mexico?

  • JH

    Dear Annija,

    please prove the same for GFM payments in KZT.

    I did not receive any valuable payment.



  • Bruno Ribeiro

    Dear Annija (Mintos),

    Is the last update provided by Mintos a recognition that you've been lying to us in the last months?

    The issue is not technical anymore? It's incredible how you keep changing your script and due dates for solving the issues without even apologizing to your customers.

    I would like to know who is the regulator of Mintos activity so I can file a formal complaint. I've asked for it to the support more than one week ago, but no answer so far.

    As soon as I can get my money out of here, I will become a former Mintos customer.

    Issues can happen with customers but with this lack of transparency I can't trust Mintos.

  • Alen

    Ha ha. I remember those "technical problems"... :)

    This looks like a ponzi scheme 

  • Fabian Walter

    And yet it is the biggest platform.

    Did anything change for you guys?

    I luckily never encountered any problem.. but I also didn't invest in ID Mexico.

    I'd like to know if anything changed or of there's new information :)

  • DW

    nothing changed, except for more promises and higher 'pending payment interest rate' that we will never see

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    Mintos doesn't even care. New date is now December 2022.

    They sent the same "solution", with the exact same text for ID Finance and Creditstar, changing only the amounts....


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