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[Feature] Set custom diversification for all companies in custom strategy




    I totally agree!

    this feature combined with this other one will make the maintenance much easier:

  • Y

    Good idea. Right now you have to spam Tab and e.g. 10 to rush through the list.

  • Jan Bažant

    So, because I do not know whether or when this feature could be implemented officially, I came with my own solution. I implemented this using a userscript; in general, userscripts are small pieces of Javascript code that can be run on any webpage, allowing one to improve page functionality. You need a browser extension allowing you to do this, such as Greasemonkey (for Firefox only) or Tampermonkey (Firefox, Chrome and maybe others).

    If anyone is interested then see my repository where you can find more information (don't be affraid, the installation is pretty easy):

    In case of any issues please do not hesitate to report them.

  • Daneel

    Adding to that, it's really annoying that every slight change in the amount per loan, interest rate etc. resets all of my diversification settings. There is absolutley no need for this. My current settings are a maximum of 15% each, so I have re-enter these 15% for all of my ~60 LOs everytime I adjust something else.


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