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What's the current situation with Akulak?



  • Japke

    On you can see the current status of the funds in recovery. The latest update on Akulaku is listed below. It would be handy if Mintos would include the year as well in the updates - the latest update is on top.

    "March 5, 2021: Akulaku continues making weekly repayments to investors on Mintos according to the agreed schedule - full repayment will be made by 20 December 2021. Since the last update, Akulaku has repaid € 788 346, including principal and interest.

    February 4, 2021: Akulaku continues making weekly repayments to Mintos investors according to the agreed schedule - full repayment will be made by 20 December 2021. Since the last update, Akulaku has repaid € 973 811, including principal and interest.

    January 7, 2021: Akulaku continues making weekly repayments to Mintos investors according to the agreed schedule - full repayment will be made by 20 December 2021. Since the last update, Akulaku has repaid € 846 278, including principal and interest."

    As a personal side note, I can see my total amount of funds in recovery with Akulaku going down, still very very slightly and slowly I have to admit.

  • Angus

    Not sure what you had in Akulaku at suspension but my experince is that I have been receiving regular payments normally over a space of two to three days each month. If you only had a small amount maybe some months you dont see the change or you dont get a repayment.

    For reference - I had approx 500€ in Akulaku at suspension and this has been steadily decling and is around 200€ today. I fully expect full repayment by end of the year. 


  • Xavi

    The information that is missing to understand when is your turn to get the mony, is the date of the latest loan that was paid. I managed to get this information from support, it is a pitty that is not published and we have to ask for it.

    The oldest Akulaku loan from rebuy on the platform is from 31.03.2020.
    The oldest Akulaku loan from borrower payments on the platform is from 29.08.2020. 

    This information is from 30th of March, it might be that with the latest status from April in changed, but the only way to get it afaik is to ask for it.

  • Angus

    Thanks Xavi...

    A quick check against what is in my in recovery:

    - Outstanding rebuys are from Mid April 2020.... 

    - Outstanding from Borrower payments are from Sept 2020.

    Hopefully the prognosis of Dec 2021 everything repaid is achieved. Certainly the monthly payments indicate this:

    160€ left in recovery,

    just over 430€ recovered,

    Therefore.... at 20-30€ a month the remained should be done in time for christmas :-)


    Again many thanks for the additional infio!

  • Japke

    This is more a question towards @... . Akulaku is currently suspended on Mintos, but has been repaying their obligations to Mintos and the investors quite reliably for the last months. What is the plan for lifting the suspension on Akulaku loans?

    • Wait till all outstanding principal and interest are payed back? Which is expected by end of this year?
    • Or will the suspension be lifted earlier, so that the investors can attempt to sell Akulaku loans on the secondary market, or buy loans on either the primary or secondary markets?

    As for Akulaku itself, when you read their own blog (which can be biased), they have established promising partnerships with various banking partners over the last year:

  • Permanently deleted user
    Good karma

    Hi Japke thanks for the question. At this moment, we don't plan to lift the suspension. We will wait until the current commitments towards investors are covered in full, and then evaluate the company and its operations, its potential, as well as Indonesia market condition, should we allow to resume placing of new loans or not.

    Kindly tagging the rest of the investors on this post - Mafius Angus Xavi assuming you have Akulaku issued loans in your portfolio, you will find an email from us sent last Friday about the increase of repayments that were negotiated with Akulaku. The macroeconomic situation in Indonesia is improving, and Akulaku has outperformed its expectations in terms of portfolio growth and performance. Coupled with a recently completed equity raise, Akulaku has improved its financial standing, making it possible to increase repayments to Mintos investors. On Friday and today, an increased amount of EUR 8.5mil repayments are being disseminated among investors. The remaining amount is also to be repaid sooner than at the end of the year (contrary to what was the initial agreement) - we will share soon when that is negotiated and cleared up with Akulaku. 


  • Massimo Gregorio Muzzi

    CONGRATS MINTOS for recovering 100% of Akulaku ahead of time!!!

    Really amazing and thanks a lot!

    Will Akulaku start offering loans again on Mintos over the next months?

  • Permanently deleted user
    Good karma

    Thank you Massimo Gregorio Muzzi We have shared the news with investors via email and our blog here.

    We are glad that we managed to recover investors' funds sooner and in full. 

    At this moment it is not planned to restart Akulaku issued loans placement on Mintos. We are monitoring their business growth and if anything might change, we will inform investors in time. 


    Mintos team



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