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Feature requests



  • Marc Golden

    Yeah, Im the #1 :>

    could you make it easier to see, for the individual investor, when the next payment of the outstanding payments in recovery will arrive?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Permanently deleted user
    Good karma

    Hi Marc Golden you mean that you would like to know when you specifically would receive a repayment from a particular repayment a company in recovery has made to all affected investors on Mintos? Or something else? 

  • Marc Golden

    I would just like to know when I receive the next payment. When I'm on the overview site and click on "In recovery" a line like" your next payment will be xx,xx € at DD/MM/YYYY". 

  • Japke

    I would like to request to see more information on the recovery of the funds in recovery. At this moment the gives an personal overview of the total amount of funds in recovery per LO and country. When a LO makes repayments I can see the total amount going down, but it is difficult to find out which loan(part) was actually recovered. Most of the loans in recovery are already marked as finished loans in the portfolio overview.

    As example loan 26725564-01 from Akulaku was marked as finished on 29.08.2020, and there was still an amount of principal and interest in recovery. When I search in detail on my account statement I can see that this loan was fully recovered on 22.03.2021. It is listed on my account statement with the following 4 entries:
    Loan 26725564-01 - other: interest received
    Loan 26725564-01 - other: late payment interest received
    Loan 26725564-01 - interest received
    Loan 26725564-01 - other: Principal received

    But it would be great to see on the in recovery page an option to get the more details on the loans in recovery as well as a list of when these are recovered (ie when the LO pays it partly or full). This would allow the investor to keep track of the recoveries over time, and see the recovery rate in action. Instead of manually tracking the total amount and digging through the account statement to find a matching repayment.

  • Y

    Please remove the Google captcha from the login process. Banking is a question of security and privacy and I don't want to share any data with Google in terms of banking.

  • Anto

     I would like to receive a weekly or month report about my investment where I can see the total earn and the other parameter. At the end of each year it would be a good idea to receive the annual report that I can print to track my investing portfolio.

  • Hubertus Graef

    Hi, I would appreciate if you include the monthly interest chart form the App in the website.

  • Mario Kasabov

    Dear Mintos,

    I would like to propose an additional feature on pending payments so that they can be reduced and the money can be reinvested as soon as possible. If an investor has pending payments from company X, Mintos to allow the investor to reinvest the same amount of money in the same company without waiting to receive it. For example, if I have EUR 100 pending payments from IuteCredit Albania, to be able to reinvest this EUR 100 in new loans of IuteCredit Albania or within the IuteCredit Group (Albania, North Macedonia or Moldova). If I do not want to reinvest my money in IuteCredit, just to wait to receive my money in the usual way.


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