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Custom Automated Strategy should prefer loans with the highest interest rate



  • emay

    I would say that all strategies (given the selected constraints) should prefer high interest loans to the rest


    That would also create an environment, where LO tend to share higher interest rates with us investors to faster sell out their placed loans. It is no wonder that the interest rates are constantly lowering, when lower once are automatically preffered, which is investor unfriendly.

  • Gelfiya Shchienko

    I assumed it was the other way round - i.e. loans with higher interest and identical risk factor are picked first. Is it not the case and algorithm prefers lower interest? Would be great to get Mintos feedback on this thread, as it makes zero sense to me.

  • Radim

    Ok, half a year passed and no change. I have to manually adjust my Automated Strategies because again, they are buying 9.5 % Delfin loans instead of 10.5 % (11.0 %) which are available now. And when they falls back to 9.5 %, I will have to adjust them again. And again. What a kind of automation is it? I have more than 20 automated strategies and I have to monitor them on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance. And, of course, one big diversified strategy is not possible, because it allows only single interest rate.

  • cardplus

    It seems that this logical and simply solvable feature request is still not resolved :( 


  • Radim

    as you say... after each interest rates movement, not a few in past year, I have to check top rates and manually adjust all my strategies. that must be the intention.


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