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Can't access any strategy other than manual



  • Ilya Shpuntou

    I use this strategy and I highly recommend it

  • Nicolas Mayer


    I was in your situation when i registered in Mintos.

    Your investor profile that you made when you answered the investors questionnaire.

    You can change your answer once per month  ( imo ), to suit the risk that peer-to-peer loan via mintos is.

    You're probably too risk adverse or you don't know what 10% yield represent in term of risk. I can't tell.

    For me, I was able to change the answer and in addition my wages grew up this year 

    As IIya stated above, P2P loans are really risky investemment (even with buyback) and it's not really a safe harbor to get passive income. DYOR 

    Sorry for my poor writing skills, hope it helps!



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