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Capital Service... anybody received anything lately



  • Japke

    You can check that for yourself by looking at the page. Follow the link "Recovered and charged off amounts" and select the most recent Excel file. It shows what was recovered for which loans.

    That said, they still have around 16,6 m euro to go. And as they are paying around 124 k euro each month, depending on where your loan is located in the payments waterfall that Mintos uses, it will still take quite a while. 

  • Mladen Knežević

    Why only 124k per month? Why funds in recovery are profit???  C'mon we are not stupid.

    Funds in recovery become profit when we got money

  • Michal Grzegorz Drwiega

    I also haven't received any payments for almost half a year. 

  • Jevgeni Astanovski

    Received exactly nothing during the last 24 months.

  • Jonas Kai Rappold

    I received 2 % of my invested capital so far (payment was made in august 2022). Since then: nothing


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