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Pending Payments and In Recovery Funds - constant problems, need solutions


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  • Bruno

    And transparency.

    My pending payments are currently 30%

    My funds in recovery are currently 27%

  • Y

    11% and 11% here. I don't like it but i think it's part of investing in loans.

  • Pi

    ha, everything looks like a ponzi scheme - CreditStar/IDF Eurasia/ Express Credit/ID Finance - no money to cover obligations but Mintos saying that there is no deterioration in the underlying portfolio and no capability to attract new loands because they need to migrate to "Notes". this sounds like a confession that the only way to cover obligations to investors is to .... use money from new investors ( definition for a ponzi ). and we are waiting to get our money back, haha . my favourite case is ID Finance SPain , a company that even had a cashback campaign recently, it has money for cashback but cannot cover loans that are paid off ( in EUR, in Spain ??!?!?! ) and it's the same group ID Finance Mexico where obviously we're going to lose everything - I am speechless...

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear Investors,

    last Friday we published a more detailed Pending payments update.

    Please find it here: https://www.mintos.com/en/pending-payments-updates/

  • Fabian Simon Walter

    Idk guys, my pending payments go smoothly down finally with the switch to notes (I go for mostly short credits like 1 month or 2, figured this works a lot better, for me at least, maybe someone made similiar experiences).


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