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[Feature request] Use up pending payments first


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  • Michael Buell

    I agree fully with the comment above on reinvesting. It feels like a feature of this type would solve the problem both ways.

  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Hi, Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. We appreciate your input, usually, if we notice the higher demand for a specific topic, we consider all the investor's feedback and its implementation.

  • Michael Buell

    Hi Lucja,

    Don't you think everyone investing in this company should have the same interest? I'm surprised that there aren't any other inquiries on this subject.

  • Onni

    Good suggestion, this would work with automated strategies most easily. In manual investments it would get quite complicated as there would need to be specific wallets for each lending company?

  • cardplus

    This is a good idea, although Elissavet Koumi wording was littlebit unclear. Therefore i think that even Mintos moderators did not understand the necessity here. And probably did not propagated it further.

    I make real life example:
    Investor has 1000 EUR Pendings from Creditstar
    Investor also has autobidder which finds 100 EUR suitable new loans from Creditstar (ideally either from Primary or Secondary market). Now 100 eur from Pendings are replaced with new loans, leaving investor with 900 EUR pending and 100 eur in new loans.

    In account statament there will be rows (in aggregate):
    + 100 eur
    -100 eur

    @Onni. Same method could be applicable to manual investing also. It is actually not so difficult to develop. In Frontend only one checkbox has to be added at checkout page: "Use pending amounts first". Or it might be even default behaviour, so no Frontend change is even required.

    It also would be a good approach because it favors staying investors, not those who want their cash to flee :)

  • Fabian Simon Walter

    I mean in general a good idea, yet... Wouldn't investors lose out on the 1.2x or even 1.4x interest?

    Don't get me wrong I am socialist, so your idea might be good in the case of that companies got less to pay, leading to more liquidity and this might lead maybe to less pending payments.

    But I am honestly not sure how much our investments really affect those companies in those terms. Not to forget they will also use that extra money to lend away instead of paying the pending payments.

    It's there that investors get more money for waiting long and that the companies want to get rid fast of that growing debt.

    Maybe a decrease to 1.1x and when super late to 1.2x could be better because we all still win, also the companies.

  • Onni

    Fabian Simon Walter Well, yes they would in some scenarios, but the 1.2/1.4x pending is not a good deal. Since it's applied only after it's been already pending for 11 days. So pending days 0-11 are bad, which is the most common amount of days.

    In my opinion this is a great idea, since moving FIAT currencies is really slow and complex, finding ways where the currencies don't need to be moved at all is better.


  • Michael Buell

    Hello Onni, that was exactly the idea. The lenders do not have to exchange currency, nor do they have to pay fines. Being able to lend the money again immediately is more lucrative for the lender and thus makes him more liquid. thus the reliability is then also greater. And we're less worried about our money.


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