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What's the problem with Watu credit?


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  • balv

    Same case here.. waiting for feedback from Mintos.

  • Petra Christina Zaagman

    I contacted Watu Uganda directly and received the following response from their chief financial officer:

    "Thanks for the email. 

    About 50% of our loans are "current" - and about 50% are in some form of arrears, of which the significant majority are still making repayments towards (albeit they are slightly behind timing-wise or making payments slightly less than what is "due"). 

    Watu Uganda does have a buy-back guarantee in place so the investor is protected against individual loan defaults. 

    The situation with Watu Uganda is healthy and there are no major problems. 

    I hope this helps clarify and provide some comfort. "

  • balv

    Thank you Petra Christina Zaagman for the update.


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