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Strategy priority setting


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  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Hello Michaela Horpatzka,

    thank you for reaching out to us.

    You did not miss anything. It is true - by default, Mintos Strategies have first priority and it is not possible to change it. 

    First Priority has Conservative Strategy, then Diversified and then High Yield Strategy. 

    If you wish we can look at your case individually, here you can submit your request request https://help.mintos.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



  • Michaela Horpatzka

    Thanks for answer. Well, in that case, I will stick just to my custom strategy. To be honest, I think investor should have opportunity to choose priority of stategies. If Mintos pushes its strategy up then It doesnt feel ok at least for me.


    Best wishes


  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Michaela Horpatzka,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback!


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