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  • Christian Meixner

    Why don't you mention that big chunk of funds "in recovery" in your analysis. That's where your "bad depts" are listed on Mintos.

    Since most loan on Mintos come with buyback obligation you will almost never see any listing under "60+ days late, defaulted or bad dept. It might take years until insolvency proceedings are closed an loans are moved from "in recovery" to "bad dept". Thats why no investor on Mintos has any listing under "bad depts" as long as he only invests in buyback loans.

  • Salvatore Cocurullo

    Thank you for your comment, Christian.

    Yes, I have 1,2k € in "recovery" and, for me, it is a very good result compared with the 9,4k€ interests I have earned.

    I've picked my loans carefully over the years and I can't complain about the performance.

    In my opinion "bad debt" and "in recovery" is not the same (so far).

    I am a long term investor and a big part of my funds that were "in recovery" in the past, now have been already recovered and the process is still going on.

    This is to say that I know I will recover a part of that money. Maybe 60%, maybe more but, in any case, I can't complain about Mintos (so far).

    What you write is true, insolvency proceedings can take very long but I am not in hurry.

    Investing in high-risk loans brings...risk. 

    I am ready to take some risk until the average return remains above 9%.

    We don't have to agree, every investor has different needs and but I am curious to know more from your side.


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