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Make order of payments transparent for funds in recovery


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  • David Polach

    That is actually a good idea, I would like to know when is my turn because there are funds recovered and I am not getting anything. Mintos, please react. thank you

  • Y

    For me https://www.mintos.com/en/funds-in-recovery-updates/ is providing any information I need. You can't predict the payments precisely to one day and for a rough guess it is good enough.

  • Christian Meixner

    No, it does not. Because Mintos does not distribute recovered money from LOs equally among investors.

    Loans get repaid in chronological order from oldes to newest. This also means, whenever Mintos  estimates that it will not recover 100% from one LO, that some investores will still get 100% of their portfolio repaid and other might not get a single cent. This is why I want to see where in this chronological order my loans from defaulted/suspended LOs are.

  • emay

    I would agree. It is important for transparency to know where you stand in the queue. Clearly each loan you might have in recovery might be in a different place in the quest. Given that Mintos provides a rough estimate of global expected recovery they could also provide a personalized estimate based on the global estimate and the place in the queue of each loan.

  • Dan-Ionut-Tudor Pordea

    Mintos any comments? How about some transparency towards your clients?

  • HCH

    Would it be possible to share a live-updated progress report showing the percentage-wise progress as Mintos works through each step of the waterfall for loan originators in recovery?

    Visually it could be presented in a table with:

    Step ...: ...
    Step X: Y EUR in total investor exposure, Z% paid back, V EUR your exposure, W% of your exposure paid back
    Step ...: ...

    Each step would have a short description if you click an "i"-icon and the percentages could be shown as progress bars with text on them. When a step is fully completed the line changes colour to show that it was completed.


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