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[Feature] Diversification score
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Support delay is unacceptable
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[Feature request] Use up pending payments first
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Feature requests
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Pending payments overview on individual level
7 hlasů 7 komentářů
Return section not showing data
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Secondary Market Issues
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Make order of payments transparent for funds in recovery
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Custom Automated Strategy should prefer loans with the highest interest rate
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[Feature Request] Immediate e-mail notification about news
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Auto-invest settings with gender and a range of age
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[Feature] Exclude countries in automated strategies
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[Bug] Portfolio filters
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[Feature] Set custom diversification for all companies in custom strategy
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Scheduled Payouts (fixed & relative)
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Automated strategies - stop diversification reset & actual portfolio per LO
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Tickets closure without any reply from Mintos
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Can't delete conservative strategy
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[feature/idea] Ethics score for Loan Originators
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Bugs & Fixes
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Portfolio - lack of overview & fixes
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Rendement Net Annualisé (NAR)
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Login not possible / timeout
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Late loan reporting
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