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countries without double-tax treaty with Latvia


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  • Gerrit Hendrik Wulff

    I think you are correct. Taxing investors sounds like a bad move by Mintos. It would have been fine if they had set up a new entity for people that wanted to invest in a regulated environment. I wonder if Mintos has researched what % of investors can and will deduct the withheld taxes. It should be easy for Mintos to set up a separate entity so operations could continue as usual, but now I will just look for competitive fintech offerings. Also I think it's really bad that Mintos will close the secondary claims market.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hello HO, thank you for your feedback! We will look into it to cover these questions.

    Please note, that our main customer base currently (98%+) are investors from EU/EEA, where Latvia has DTT treaties signed.


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