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  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager


    here you can see the list of all Lending Companies https://www.mintos.com/en/lending-companies/#details . Under "Interest income on delayed payments" you see if the company is paying interest on delayed payments. If there is a yes, it means if there are delays in payment from the borrower, there is interest for these delayed days paid. 

  • Hi Annija (Mintos)

    Thanks for taking the time to provide an answer, however this still confuses me. You are essentially just reiterating the text that is already on the lending company page, so I am not really any wiser, sorry.

    Can you explain maybe, by comparing to penalty interest? How is it different?

    Thanks. Regards.

  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager

    ANDERS ELLENSHOEJ ANDERSEN, I will be happy to clarify this more in detail.

    Interest income on delayed payments (yes) = you receive the same interest for delayed days, which you would receive for the loan.

    Penalty income (yes) = it is then specified in this table https://www.mintos.com/en/lending-companies/#details and you will receive the specified % for each delayed day.

    I hope this helps to understand it.

  • JH

    Dear Anders,

    the answer of Mintos is not correct.
    Even if there is „yes“ marked for late payment interest, and the originator is able to pay interest, Mintos will not pay interest to the investors.
    I got a written confirmation from mintos (like you) for late payment interest. At the end Mintos does not fulfill their promises. Rules/Lists are changed after the contract (loan) start date. Unbelievable Mintos philosophy.

    Loan originators are in a much better position then the investors. Mintos protects these companies much better then the investors. In other words, Mintos ingnores critical points in loan agreements if they cause problems for the originators.



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