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  • Mario Kasabov

    Dear @...,

    First, it's very unprofessional not to share a pending payments update on April 15th solely because it is Easter. You could give an update on Thursday.

    Second, Could you tell investors when will they receive their money from IDF Eurasia - specific dates, not general words - "early next week"; "will update their payment plan"; "face difficulties with currency transfers " and so on? In the current situation, investors are disadvantaged somewhat because IDF Eurasia pays pending payment interest for pending payments for more than 10 days. In other words, investors are disadvantaged because everyone knows that this is not a one-off event and thus investors' money is used without paying interest for the first 10 days since February.

    Please tell us when (a specific date) IDF Eurasia and Mintos will stop making fun of investors and IDF will start transferring funds!?


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