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Notes when?


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  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hello Christian Norhaven Johansen,

    Thanks for your interest in the upcoming Mintos financial instrument Notes! We’re in the final stage of setting up the required business structures needed for transition to investments in Notes. Primarily, this means working with the special purpose vehicles (SPVs), the Mintos entities that will purchase loans from the lending companies and issue Notes instead. This final stage has taken more time than initially expected, a consequence of the non-unified requirements in different EU markets. Anyhow, we're glad to inform you that the work is in progress and we will inform investors about the final transition to Notes on time.

    You can learn all details about Notes on Mintos in this article https://www.mintos.com/blog/coming-soon-notes-on-mintos/ and join conversations about this and other topics in our Help section.

  • Petra Christina Zaagman

    @... how will notes impact our portfolio diversification?

  • Mario Kasabov

    Dear @...,

    I see currently all LOs offering Notes don't pay late interest (Interest on late payments - No), i.e. if the loan goes late, no interest is accrued for the late days. I have 1 question and 1 comment:

    1. Do you expect LOs to offer interest on late payments? Mintos said in earlier articles that it doesn't "expect interest rates for Notes to be different from what they would have been in the claims setup, given the same market situation"

    2. Please update each LO's page where there is information about group guarantee, APR and so on. For example, see Kredo from Eleving group's page on Mintos:


    From this page I understand that Kredo is paying late interest, and from the following Note I understand that Kredo is not paying late interest:


    So, where is the truth?


  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Dear Mario Kasabov, thank you for reporting this discrepancy. We will update the Lending Companies page. In the meantime, we kindly ask investors to look at the Key Information Document that is available for each Set of Notes as it is the governing document.


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