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Why does custom automated strategies keep investing in "Eleving Group" ?


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  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator


    You are correct - all Mogo entities form the Eleving group. If you are looking here, https://www.mintos.com/en/loan-originators/, then you can see all Mogo companies in various markets indicated as part of the Eleving group. Could you provide links or names of pages where you don't see this information, please? In the meantime, we will look to see why there might be a difference in customer automated strategy and reporting lists.

  • TSB


    At the left there's a list of "Lending company" of which one of them is "Eleving Group".



    Editing a "Custom automated strategie".

    There's a column "Lending Company" which does not include "Eleving Group", but all the Mogo entities.


    So please:

    - on the customer automated strategie LO list, add a column "LO Group" or something, remove the logo to make space if needed

    - on the portfolio overview, put the different entities in "Lending Company" and provide an extra selection list for "LO Group".

    In any case, make it consistent...


    Besides to above remarks, I had and still have all 10 LOs of you screenshot above *not* selected for investing in 3 of my customer automated strategies. Nevertheless, some investments in Eleving Group were made.


  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hi TSB,

    On Customised Automated Strategies, we're using the same practice. You select Companies. Each company has a group identifier or logo to the left. If the strategy still invests in a company that is not selected, please write us an email from your registered email address to support@mintos.com and send us screenshots. We will look into it.
  • TSB

    Ok, I'll contact support if it happens again.


    When I look really hard, I can indeed see that the logo's are all of Eleving.

    Consider replacing the logo's with text and get the "LO" and "LO Group" aligned as explained above.



  • TSB

    Now suddenly 3 more LOs are of the "Eleving" LO group.

    Please get this sorted!

    Replace the rediculously small logo's with text and line up the investement strategies with the reporting!


  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hi TSB, please send us an email with screenshots if there are some errors.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  • TSB

    I will when I have a concrete case.

    Your screenshot showed 10 Eleving Group LO's, but that was probably with a specific filter then ... so no issue I guess.

    Still, please line up the investement strategies with the reporting and replace the tiny logo's with text.



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