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Withdraw money


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    welcome to MIntos.

    Strategies will always invest money if there is money and your stragey allows it. There are two ways to prevent it:

    1.: Go to https://www.mintos.com/en/strategies and click on the three dots on the right side of your strategy. There you can choose "Stop Investing". No more money will be invested in this stragegy. Other strategies are not affected.

    2.: In the top right corner it shows your current uninvested money. Click on the small arrow and you find the function "Keep uninvested". There you can define an amount of money that will always stay in your wallet for manual investing or withdrawing. This setting is account wide.

    If you create more strategies you can arrange them via drag & drop. Stragegies will a higher priorory will be invested in before the strategies with a lower priority.

    Late payments are quite normal on Mintos. Right now I have 80% of my loans in the status "Current". Just wait and after 60 days the buyback obligation will do it's magic. ;-)

    I hope this helps you understanding a little bit.


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